From the idea of glass shards reduction in production process, BSG GLASS decided to transform whole of them to ECO friendly and sustainable product called BUGBEAT Absorbent Stone. It could absorb and diffuse essential oil effectively while reuse by refilling oil after faded. No need to change the stone oftenly, because it has 2 years lifetime.

    Moreover, Thai basketry was applied to BUGBEAT containers. Reflecting on Thai culture and distributing fabulous scents, That’s the reason BUGBEAT suits to be a pleasing gift for someone you love. Enjoying BUGBEAT, just hang or place it everywhere you wish.

    Not only the Design Excellent Award (DEmark), BUGBEAT also proudly received the Good Design Award (G-mark) which was established in Japan, and the Design Intelligent Award (DIA) in China, 2017.

     Basketries are absolutely express Thai cultural heritage and wisdom by transforming natural materials which are easily found in local to outstanding weaved containers. Accordingly, they have been chosen to be containers of BUGBEAT Absorbent Stone. Meanwhile, we realize for sustainable community development by hiring unemployed local people to produce BUGBEAT Containers.

     Even though many of handmade baskets look similar, their colors and neat pattern designs are different because of weaver’s creativity. Whole of these factors turn handmade baskets into an aesthetic and attractive product.